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              • Celebrating Quanzhou Sifang Communication Equipment Co., Ltd Site construction completed

                Celebrating Quanzhou Sifang Communication Equipment Co., Ltd Site construction completed
              • How to Make the intercom?

                Walkie-talkie in the past is a mystery and some communication tools, the general public are generally aware of its amazing features from the film, you can instant wireless voice and not subject to geographical restrictions, especially in the gangster film or war films, police or military siege of bandits strategic command when the moment without walkie-talkie safe and efficient dispatching the instruction to convey, even uninhabited desert mountains, also can talk freely! And now talking about radio, we are very familiar, especially in the construction, transportation, hotel or super port, mining engineering, sports and other industries, to carry out their daily work, almost inseparable from the use of walkie-talkie! But what is the walkie-talkie, "Make", just few people know!
              • What is a walkie-talkie

                The English name of walkie-talkie two way radio, it is a two-way mobile communications tool, without the need for any network support, you can call, no calls generated for relatively fixed and frequent calls occasion.
              • Cordless Phone Advantages

                On the development of digital cordless telephone, Ministry of Information Industry as early as two years ago had been a rainy day, he issued a 2.4G digital cordless standard to regulate the digital cordless phone technology market. Band release for the launch of digital cordless telephone, clearing the way. But at the time, more digital cordless technology as a concept, is not familiar with the public. The digital cordless technology in the end what advantage?
              • Walkie-talkie works

                Walkie-talkie works as follows: 1, the transmission part: Phase-locked loop and voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) generates a radio frequency carrier signal transmitted through the buffer amplifier, driver amplification, amplifier, produces rated RF power through the antenna low pass filter to suppress harmonic components, and then sent through the antenna .
              • Online Consultation
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